PSA Gold medal (General) : Derrière la fenêtre

Author: Le Fustec Sébastien - FRANCE

ISF Gold medal (General) : Elegantly red

Author: Wee Seng Goh - SINGAPORE

GPU Gold medal (General) : Baked ceramics

Author: Huynh Vo Thi - VIET NAM

IUP Gold medal (General) : Chieu Ve

Author: Vu Duc Phuong - VIET NAM

PESGSPC Gold medal (Special Prize) : Sad Woman in Red

Author: Klea Kyprianou - CYPRUS

PESGSPC Gold medal (Special Prize) : Inner Thoughts Of Elena

Author: Klea Kyprianou - CYPRUS

PESGSPC Gold medal (Special Prize) : Sound of music

Author: Andreas L Andreou - CYPRUS

ISF Silver medal (Human) : Mất rừng

Author: Nguyễn Ngọc Thái - VIET NAM

ISF Silver medal (Portrait) : Thời Gian

Author: Trần Nguyên Vũ - VIET NAM

ISF Silver medal (Travel / Photo reporting) : New garment

Author: Phạm Gia Chiến - VIET NAM

ISF Silver medal (Landscape) : Les lavandes

Author: Joly Dominique - FRANCE

ISF Silver medal (Nature (Wildlife/Fauna/Flora)) : Hapje

Author: De Fraine Jozef - BELGIUM

ISF Silver medal (Sport) : Surfing hero 11

Author: Yating Yang - TAIWAN

ISF Silver medal (Creativity) : Ballerina Muller 10

Author: Lee Eng Tan - SINGAPORE

ISF Bronze medal (Awarded by Judge 1) : Encadenada

Author: Pili Garcia Pitarch - SPAIN

ISF Bronze medal (Awarded by Judge 2) : Short landing

Author: Gilles Bordes-pages - FRANCE

ISF Bronze medal (Awarded by Judge 3) : Tình mẹ - Vooc Chà Vá chân nâu Sơn Trà

Author: Trinh Ngan Lien - VIET NAM

ISF Diploma : Nu na nu nống

Author: Ngô Huy Tịnh - VIET NAM

ISF Diploma : Magic of gold and black

Author: Siddhartha Ranjan Deb - INDIA

ISF Diploma : Burning

Author: Pandula Bandara - SRI LANKA

ISF Diploma : My younger brother 5

Author: Arnaldo Paulo Che - HONG KONG

ISF Diploma : Gánh Mạ

Author: Lê Trung Kiên - VIET NAM

ISF Diploma : Winter love

Author: Li Chunling - CHINA

ISF Diploma : The Steppe

Author: Wong Yuet Yee - HONG KONG

ISF Diploma : Dance to Iight2

Author: Yu Jurong - CHINA

ISF Diploma : Departure Together

Author: Ducte Le - USA

ISF Diploma : Fitz Roy 540

Author: Frank Hausdoerfer - GERMANY

PSA Ribbon : Tobacco Sunset

Author: Ricos Andreas Gregoriou - CYPRUS

PSA Ribbon : Pretty 55

Author: Kim-pheng Sim - SINGAPORE

PSA Ribbon : Milk Way Over The Rock

Author: Tracy Shuxi Feng - USA

GPU Ribbon : Prince of Night

Author: Frank Hausdoerfer - GERMANY

GPU Ribbon : Coming Home 1701

Author: Tracy Shuxi Feng - USA

IUP Ribbon : Gobi

Author: Francis TACK - FRANCE

IUP Ribbon : Dangerous colors

Author: Đào Tấn Phát - VIET NAM

IUP Ribbon : Fairyland

Author: Li Xiaoling - CHINA