PSA Gold medal (General) : Ball 31

Author: Almando Reggio - ITALY

ISF Gold medal (General) : Painted face

Author: Yating Yang - TAIWAN

GPU Gold medal (General) : PLATEAU COLOR

Author: Vu Manh Cuong - VIET NAM

IUP Gold medal (General) : Duet

Author: Tracy Shuxi Feng - USA

ISF Silver medal (Human) : Two Women in Motion

Author: Ole Suszkiewicz - DENMARK

ISF Silver medal (Portrait) : PARVIN IN RED FLOWERS

Author: Pinki Ghosh Guha - INDIA

ISF Silver medal (Travel / Photo reporting) : Tung Kiệu

Author: Mạnh Hùng - VIET NAM

ISF Silver medal (Landscape) : Gobi

Author: Francis TACK - FRANCE

ISF Silver medal (Nature (Wildlife/Fauna/Flora)) : POLARBOXE

Author: Umberto Deramo - ITALY

ISF Silver medal (Sport) : Uebersprungen

Author: Manfred Pillik - AUSTRIA

ISF Silver medal (Creativity) : Blue Hour

Author: Ole Suszkiewicz - DENMARK

ISF Bronze medal (Awarded by Judge 1) : Leaf

Author: Igor Debevec - SLOVENIA

ISF Bronze medal (Awarded by Judge 2) : Tobacco Sunset

Author: Ricos Andreas Gregoriou - CYPRUS

ISF Bronze medal (Awarded by Judge 3) : Vòng sáng công nghiệp

Author: Lê Minh Quốc - VIET NAM

ISF Diploma : Stockholm City

Author: Barbara Schmidt - GERMANY

ISF Diploma : barque et roseaux

Author: Torres Andre - FRANCE

ISF Diploma : Beautiful encounter

Author: Xiping An - CHINA

ISF Diploma : The Steppe

Author: Wong Yuet Yee - HONG KONG

ISF Diploma : Winter love

Author: Li Chunling - CHINA

ISF Diploma : _Benniu 2

Author: Yating Yang - TAIWAN

ISF Diploma : Flamingo Canvas

Author: Thomas Vijayan - CANADA

ISF Diploma : The Great Migration of Wildebeest 2

Author: Agapov Sergey - RUSSIAN FEDERATION

ISF Diploma : Holi fun 1

Author: Arnaldo Paulo Che - HONG KONG

ISF Diploma : Coming Home 1701

Author: Tracy Shuxi Feng - USA

PSA Ribbon : Mùa Hoa Súng

Author: Lê Thái Dương - VIET NAM

PSA Ribbon : Quyet liet

Author: Vu Thanh - VIET NAM

PSA Ribbon : Bike Racing

Author: Triet Bui - UNITED STATES

GPU Ribbon : Surfing hero 11

Author: Yating Yang - TAIWAN

GPU Ribbon : Bridge to Westerhever

Author: Bernd Stoffl - AUSTRALIA


Author: Nguyễn Bá Hảo - VIET NAM

IUP Ribbon : Fighting women

Author: Fong Chi Ng - MACAO

IUP Ribbon : Maidens tower

Author: Bekir Yesiltas - TURKEY