PSA Gold medal (General) : My younger brother 5

Author: Arnaldo Paulo Che - HONG KONG

ISF Gold medal (General) : fish seller 524

Author: Soon Seng Leong - MALAYSIA

GPU Gold medal (General) : Chăm con

Author: Lê Bu (lê Đức Đạt) - VIET NAM

IUP Gold medal (General) : Lotus leaf on the sea

Author: Nguyen Tan Tuan - VIET NAM

ISF Silver medal (Human) : Niềm vui tuổi thơ

Author: Nguyễn Bá Hảo - VIET NAM

ISF Silver medal (Portrait) : Magic of gold and black

Author: Siddhartha Ranjan Deb - INDIA

ISF Silver medal (Travel / Photo reporting) : Holi fun 1

Author: Arnaldo Paulo Che - HONG KONG

ISF Silver medal (Landscape) : Một thoáng Tràng An

Author: Bùi Duy Tư - VIET NAM

ISF Silver medal (Nature (Wildlife/Fauna/Flora)) : Tree Frogs from two worlds

Author: Lee Eng Tan - SINGAPORE

ISF Silver medal (Sport) : Golden morning row

Author: Hung Kam Yuen - AUSTRALIA

ISF Silver medal (Creativity) : Red dance

Author: Pinki Ghosh Guha - INDIA

ISF Bronze medal (Awarded by Jovelino Ameida) : Vũ điệu tung chài

Author: Đặng Kế Cường - VIET NAM

ISF Bronze medal (Awarded by Filipa Scarpa) : Milk Way Over The Rock

Author: Tracy Shuxi Feng - USA

ISF Bronze medal (Awarded by Carlos Sargedas) : Wanted

Author: Bekir Yesiltas - TURKEY

ISF Diploma : Duet

Author: Tracy Shuxi Feng - USA

ISF Diploma : Mùa Hạnh Phúc

Author: Lê Trung Kiên - VIET NAM

ISF Diploma : Country life 10

Author: Hung Kam Yuen - AUSTRALIA

ISF Diploma : Camouflage

Author: Vũ Duy Thông - VIET NAM

ISF Diploma : Hapje

Author: De Fraine Jozef - BELGIUM

ISF Diploma : Help mom

Author: Phan Minh Thọ - VIET NAM

ISF Diploma : Ve Nha Moi

Author: Nguyen Sy Dung - VIET NAM

ISF Diploma : Lao Chai terraced fields

Author: Nguyen Ky Nam - VIET NAM

ISF Diploma : Reflexes

Author: Luis Leandro Serrano - SPAIN

ISF Diploma : Hope Day

Author: Trần Bảo Hoà - VIET NAM

PSA Ribbon : Traditional bakery

Author: Trần Đình Thương - VIET NAM

PSA Ribbon : Chinh PhụcHang Én

Author: Nguyễn Ngọc Hòa - VIET NAM

PSA Ribbon : Bibliothek

Author: Karl Markloff - GERMANY

GPU Ribbon : Vượt cạn

Author: Trần Văn Sơn - VIET NAM

GPU Ribbon : Warm kitchen of Dao people

Author: Lê Hồng Đức - VIET NAM

IUP Ribbon : A loving couple

Author: Guek Cheng Lim - MALAYSIA

IUP Ribbon : Colorful floating market

Author: Nguyen Huy Son - VIET NAM

IUP Ribbon : Departure Together

Author: Ducte Le - USA